HSIIDC  is a Public Limited Company owned by the Government of Haryana. It was instituted and established in 1967 to promote and accelerate the pace of industrialization in the state. It has played a key role in the well being and progress of Haryana and has been instrumental in the evolution of Haryana from a primarily agrarian state to one of the  highly industrialized states in the country.


It is a premier institution for infrastructure development for industrial promotion and investment facilitation. Besides developing Industrial Estates, Industrial Model Townships, Specialized Parks for Cluster development aiming to help the entrepreneurs to set up their industrial venture, they provide a wide spectrum of services to revolutionize the industrial scenario of the State and provide crucial support for creating the environment. Eg.


The Corporation has also taken up various other mega projects like 13 clustered themed cities, Cargo Airport, KMP Expressway, DMIC Corridor  for creation of industrial infrastructure for improving the transport net work and services in the State.


Besides providing basic facilities and basic infrastructure, HSIIDC also provides customized professional services to support the entry and successful establishment of Projects in Haryana by way of various initiatives.

for more details: http://www.hsiidc.org/advantage-haryana